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Business trip to Ukraine

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to Ukraine

Few people will actually invest money in a place they have never been. It is possible to decide generally to invest some significant sums of money (or as many as you wish) in Ukraine. This is a general solution. Experts from the investor will make several trips to Ukraine to assist with its implementation. There are plenty of things you can observe for yourself.


Such business trips to Ukraine are precisely what NEW EURO VISION GROUP arranges. It is less about setting up some standard European business and industrial delegations. This is frequently done for nebulous motives and to familiarize oneself with the situation in Ukraine. Usually, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry conduct these visits. Such visits' effectiveness is rather questionable.


The main objective of NEW EURO VISION GROUP is to arrange trips to Ukraine for representatives of Western businesses who require a thorough analysis of the country before making a final decision about investment-related matters. This is not a general discussion concerning why trading is preferable to fighting.


A lot of preliminary work is being done for such a visit. The necessary marketing research will be carried out. All the necessary information will be collected for the territory of interest. These will be very successful visits to Ukraine.


Throughout the route, Western businessmen can be accompanied by one or two representatives of NEW EURO VISION GROUP. It is clear that if there is a need and desire for this on the Western side. These are knowledgeable organizers who will be aware of all the information on a business visit. All practical issues that arise during the visit are resolved.


NEW EURO VISION GROUP has extensive contacts in Ukraine.

A lot of issues can be resolved quickly and successfully.


​For more information contact

Detailed information is accessible via

New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Czech Republic  

Phone: +420 775 628 307 (Vodafone) English, Ukrainian, Russian.

WhatsApp is enrolled with the phone.

We are working in the following directions:

·       holding international exhibitions;

·       marketing for construction projects associated with Ukraine;

·       investment projects associated with the restoration of Ukraine. These are primarily construction investment initiatives for 2023 and 2024.


We have a number of representative offices in Ukraine. They are accessible in numerous Ukrainian regions and major cities. We can recommend the most convenient Ukrainian organization to contact upon written request.


Online meetings with representatives of the Czech Republic office can also be arranged in the event of queries. Use whichever version of the software is most convenient (Zoom, Meet, Team). It is possible to communicate in English.


The most convenient method of communication is via email. Write in whatever language you choose. We provide prompt and informative responses.

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