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Economics and Ecology of Long-Term Emergency Situations: The Russian Federation vs. Neighboring States and the Rest of the World

Time of the event:

  • November 21, 2023.



  • New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic.

  • Research Center for Industrial Problems of Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kharkov, Ukraine.


•    in English;
•    20 minutes.

It is vital to have a thorough scientific examination of the situation as it relates to the Russian Federation.

Emergency situations typically pass quickly. Russia under Putin offered a unique illustration of a persistent emergency. The economy and ecology of the area surrounding the Russian Federation are subject to many issues. All states that share a border with Russia should prepare for shocks of the most bizarre kind.  Tellingly, Russia categorically denies its responsibility.

Russia causes ongoing issues for its neighbors. The state's long-term strategy is this. Every location that borders the Russian Federation is now dangerous. Millions of individuals constantly have to deal with a circumstance that is a force majeure. A fresh wave of long-term threats will start after Putinism falls. It is linked to the Russian Federation's highly likely collapse as the biggest state in the world right now.​

A focus on the neighborhood's effects on the economy and ecology in relation to the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation's aggression towards Ukraine resulted in a vast array of extremely negative economic and environmental effects. But there are also plenty of additional cases.

It is crucial to remember that ecocide initiates natural processes, which start to emerge in their own (relative) place and time. Considering the phenomenon of the Aral Sea destruction in the case of the USSR and the dam failure at the Novo-Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station in the case of the Russian Federation as examples. The natural environment is being devastated on purpose.

What can be done by the scientific community to deal with these issues?

The contact person:

PhD, Professor Dmitry Nikolaenko

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