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Exhibition concerning the reconstruction

of the economy of Ukraine



Ukraine's post-war industrialization


Multi-storey construction in post-war Ukraine: new construction, repair and restoration work, renovation


Post-war reconstruction of rural settlements and individual houses for Ukraine

Industrial construction in post-war Ukraine: restoration work and new production

Construction machinery and equipment for the restoration of cities and villages in Ukraine

Territory management and new construction projects in Ukraine

Conference “Ukraine and the EU”


Advantages in active participation in exhibitions

for the restoration of Ukraine:

1.    There is an opportunity for very active participation in restoration projects in Ukraine. It is important to be among the first here. The projects are very attractive and there will be serious competition for them.

2.    There is an opportunity to create a large number of jobs in your country. Jobs are associated with construction and architecture specifically for new projects. These are very attractive. Architects, designers, digital cartographers and many others.

3.   Construction projects in Ukraine will undoubtedly employ many people  for many years.

4.    To minimize the effects of corruption which remains widespread in Ukraine, the funding for these recovery projects will be tightly controlled by the EU and the US. The initiative to create a series of exhibitions.

5.    The rebuilding of Ukraine offers very interesting prospects for experts in construction and architecture. This is an opportunity to contribute something truly innovative.


The ongoing war in Ukraine has left an indelible mark on the global stage, reshaping the world's geopolitical landscape and affecting nearly every facet of life within Ukraine's borders. This seismic shift has introduced undeniable risks for those considering investments in the country, but it has also opened up a realm of opportunities for those who look beyond the immediate challenges.


Effective investment hinges on timing and strategy, and with a spirit of optimism, Ukrainians are looking to the future, pinpointing May 2024 as the optimal window for Western investment in Ukraine. This date aligns with the Ukrainian constitution's mandate for presidential elections by March 31, 2024, and it stands as a testament to Ukraine's unwavering commitment to its democratic processes, regardless of the challenges it faces.


The Exhibition, Conference, and Business-to-Business (B2B) gathering scheduled for May 4-5, 2024, in the vibrant city of Riga is designed with a singular purpose in mind: to establish systematic and meaningful connections between European, American, Canadian, and Ukrainian businesses. This event stands apart from governmental interactions and diplomatic overtures; it is a platform for businesses to engage with one another directly.


We must acknowledge that businesses do not thrive on charitable contributions alone. While Ukraine has received considerable aid, largely driven by global compassion in response to Russia's actions, this situation cannot be sustained indefinitely. Instead, the time has come to create a stable and conducive environment for commercial engagement between the Western world and Ukraine. This is the primary objective of the forthcoming exhibition, conference, and B2B gathering.


To facilitate this mission, several critical steps have been taken:

  • Accessible Participation for Ukrainian Companies. Ukrainian companies will have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition at significantly reduced rates, effectively removing the financial barrier that has been exacerbated by the impact of the war. This represents a lifeline for Ukrainian businesses seeking to access the international market and actively contribute to post-war recovery efforts.

  • Affordable Engagement for Western Corporations. Understanding the reservations of Western businesses considering investment in Ukraine due to ongoing war and concerns about corruption, participation fees for Western corporations have been made highly affordable. This is an invitation for Western entrepreneurs to witness the real potential of Ukraine's market, which promises substantial returns on investment.

  • Establishment of Genuine B2B Communication. A cornerstone of the event is the creation of a genuine business-to-business communication platform. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with potential partners, sidestepping the traditional presentations by Ukrainian officials requesting funds for specific projects. Instead, the focus will be on forging connections and addressing key concerns such as corruption and the effective allocation of funds.

  • A Broader Vision of Ukraine's Restoration. It's crucial to understand that when we speak of "restoration" in the context of Ukraine, we're not merely referring to the physical rebuilding of war-torn regions. Rather, the focus is on Ukraine's adaptation to European Union standards and practices. With this in mind, the event emphasizes the importance of business-to-business interactions. It serves as a magnet for both Western and Ukrainian companies, fostering the creation of long-term commercial partnerships. These collaborations will be backed by Western commercial banks, which will provide essential reconstruction loans, helping to breathe life into Ukraine's economy.

  • Beyond Financial Matters. The integration of Ukraine into the European Union is not just a financial endeavor. Money alone cannot address all the complex issues at play. We need to tackle questions related to the legacy of a post-Soviet state that grappled with corruption and stagnation for three decades. The impact of Russia's military actions has exacerbated these challenges. The conference component of the event is instrumental in addressing these issues by bringing together businessmen and experts to engage in meaningful discussions and research.

  • Embracing Complexity. It's essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of the challenges facing Ukraine. The structure of the event deliberately maintains ambiguity, not as a weakness, but as a recognition of the complexity of the situation. This is not a scenario that anyone has encountered before on the scale of an entire nation. Different perspectives will emerge, and practical solutions will require caution, reason, active listening, and a keen awareness of the strategic direction of change in Ukraine. The ultimate goal is clear: the alignment of the Ukrainian economy with EU standards and laws, representing the last and most viable path forward.


In conclusion, while the road ahead for Ukraine is undeniably challenging, it is by no means insurmountable. The Western world is renowned for its adaptability and professionalism, and this event offers yet another opportunity to showcase these qualities. Ukraine's transformation is a complex endeavor, but it is not without constants—democracy, a focus on private enterprise, respect for human dignity, the rule of law, and a categorical rejection of corruption. Millions of Ukrainians live and work in Europe and America, and their choice is clear: Ukraine should evolve in line with Western norms.


For those looking to contribute to these reforms and be part of Ukraine's resurgence, the international exhibition addressing Ukraine's challenges, slated for Riga on May 4-5, 2024, is a noteworthy and timely event.

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