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Post-war reconstruction of rural settlements and individual houses for Ukraine

4-5 May 2024.
Riga, Latvia

Post-war reconstruction of rural settlements and individual houses for Ukraine

Directions of the exhibition:

  • New standard projects of one and two storey buildings for rural settlements of Ukraine.

  • Organization of production of individual houses according to standard projects in Ukraine.

  • Frame and modular houses for Ukraine

  • Production capacities of frame and modular houses in Ukraine

  • Planning of rural settlements and suburban areas of post-war Ukraine.

  • Suburban areas of large Ukrainian cities and their development according to the European standard.

  • Repair and restoration work on individual buildings in rural areas affected by hostilities.

  • Financial issues of the implementation of projects for rural and suburban houses in Ukraine.

  • Post-war environmental problems of rural settlements in Ukraine.

Detailed information is accessible via

New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Czech Republic 

Phone: +420 775 628 307 (Vodafone) English, Ukrainian, Russian.

+ WhatsApp.

We are working in the following directions:

·       holding international exhibitions;

·       marketing for construction projects associated with Ukraine;

·       investment projects associated with the restoration of Ukraine. These are primarily construction investment initiatives for 2023 and 2024.


We have a number of representative offices in Ukraine. They are accessible in numerous Ukrainian regions and major cities. We can recommend the most convenient Ukrainian organization to contact upon written request.


Online meetings with representatives of the Czech Republic office can also be arranged in the event of queries. Use whichever version of the software is most convenient (Zoom, Meet, Team). It is possible to communicate in English.


The most convenient method of communication is via email. Write in whatever language you choose. We provide prompt and informative responses.

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