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Industrial construction in post-war Ukraine: restoration work and new production

4-5 May 2024.
Riga, Latvia

Industrial construction in post-war Ukraine: restoration work, new production and new technologies

Directions of the exhibition:

  • Planning of industrial areas in Ukraine.

  • Technoparks in Ukraine.

  • Repair and restoration work on industrial enterprises affected by hostilities.

  • World innovations in industrial construction and their implementation in Ukraine.

  • Technology of building structures and products.

  • Novelties in the field of building materials and their use in Ukraine.

  • Financial issues related to building materials in Ukraine.

  • Financial issues of the implementation of industrial construction projects in Ukraine.

  • Ecological problems of Ukraine and new industrial construction

Road construction

We understand that this is not entirely correct, but we are considering road construction within the framework of this particular exhibition. In post-war Ukraine, enormous work remains in connection with road construction. There is every reason to believe that this work will be carried out in strict accordance with EU standards. The a) disgusting quality of the road surface that was common in pre-war Ukraine and b) unprecedented corruption will remain a thing of the past.

Detailed information is accessible via

New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Czech Republic  

Phone: +420 775 628 307 (Vodafone) English, Ukrainian, Russian.

WhatsApp is enrolled with the phone.

We are working in the following directions:

·       holding international exhibitions;

·       marketing for construction projects associated with Ukraine;

·       investment projects associated with the restoration of Ukraine. These are primarily construction investment initiatives for 2023 and 2024.


We have a number of representative offices in Ukraine. They are accessible in numerous Ukrainian regions and major cities. We can recommend the most convenient Ukrainian organization to contact upon written request.


Online meetings with representatives of the Czech Republic office can also be arranged in the event of queries. Use whichever version of the software is most convenient (Zoom, Meet, Team). It is possible to communicate in English.


The most convenient method of communication is via email. Write in whatever language you choose. We provide prompt and informative responses.

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