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Стеклянные Здания

4-5 May 2024. Riga, Latvia


The primary distinction of NEVG exhibitions is that we emphasize B2B contact on purpose. No political or general discussion of the "restoration of Ukraine." These are strictly business-related.

All of these factors are crucial for the formation of international expert groups. International businesses demand not just collaboration at the highest political level possible. These projects require professionals who are able to operate in accordance with contemporary standards. NEVG exhibitions facilitate such connections.

2. Who do you consider to be the main actors in your exhibitions?

We emphasize that this is a commercial and industrial exhibition. This audience is not political. Accordingly, the primary participants are international construction and engineering firms that are focused on restoring Ukraine through collaborative efforts.

To precisely approach Ukraine's new challenges, it is necessary to establish consortia of Ukrainian and foreign businesses. As a trend, Ukraine's European integration is implemented through experts work on the integration of the Ukrainian economy to EU standards. This is the centerpiece of the NEVG exhibitions.

Principal participants in these exhibitions are:

  • The company's director or person responsible for making decisions within his company.

  • He is very interested in new Ukrainian projects. He is willing to take opportunities. He is eager to acquire new knowledge.

  • There is a desire to find partners in Ukraine or the West for the formulation and implementation of investment projects.

  • This is an intelligent person who is both willing to listen and speak on highly specialized topics.

3. Representation in Ukraine. Does the Czech company have representatives in Ukraine?

Czech company New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. was created not very long ago. In this case, novelty is not so much a disadvantage as an advantage. The company is purposefully focused on solving a set of issues related to the restoration of the Ukrainian economy.


The work of the company is carried out in three directions. This:

  • Holding international trade and industrial exhibitions related to Ukraine and its post-war reconstruction;

  • industrial marketing in Ukraine;

  • Investment projects in Ukraine. Now construction projects are in the first place. 


The business has established ties with Ukraine. There are various collaborators depending on the direction under consideration. The tightest ties with companies in Kiev. However, not only. In the war-ravaged regions of Ukraine that are the focal point of reconstruction efforts, work has been conducted. Established partnerships with numerous individuals and businesses. This enables the company to obtain accurate information.


  • Exhibition company ACCO International is an example. ACCO experts are partners in the organization of international exhibitions. An international exhibition is extremely challenging. Stable connections between ACCO and a multitude of construction and engineering firms in Ukraine are also crucial. The company has been organizing exhibitions for them in Ukraine for over three decades.

  • Industrial Marketing Department of Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute. Strong expert group. Professors and scientists with doctoral degrees in the discipline of industrial marketing. Capable of solving extremely complex market research issues in Ukraine. The war raised many issues that did not previously exist. Strategic marketing is required. These are not duties comparable to stocking Kyiv supermarkets with new yogurt.

Depending on the issue confronted by the Western company, we can recommend the most appropriate Ukrainian partner. This occurs following a request.​


4. How much will my attendance at the exhibition cost?

We will respond to the query in detail shortly.

5. What is the new "Single Registration Fee" for Ukrainian businesses?

This is a truly innovative product from NEVG. The novelty is designed to normalize Ukrainian company participation in European trade shows. The price barrier between Europe and Ukraine plays a crucial role here. A Ukrainian organization cannot afford to participate in a European exhibition. Consequently, there are nearly no Ukrainian businesses there.


The price offered by NEVG is significantly reduced. We implement special pricing for Ukrainian businesses in order to encourage their active participation in European trade shows. This results in a large number of participants from Ukraine.

6. What is the "single registration fee for each representative" of a Ukrainian business?

The second extraordinary innovation from NEVG. The participant from Ukraine pays only a nominal registration fee. He then has ACCESS TO ALL EVENTS AT THE EXHIBITION.


NEVG makes international exhibitions on the restoration of Ukraine accessible to Ukrainian experts.

7. How many Ukrainian companies are anticipated to attend the Expo?

We anticipate 200-250 Ukrainian companies to attend the first joint exhibition. They are representative of different Ukrainian specialties and regions.


Beginning in 2024, NEVG exhibitions will be held twice per year (spring and fall). A Ukrainian company pays significantly less for its exhibit at a European trade show than its Western colleagues. NEVG funds account for the difference.

8. Will Ukrainian engineering and construction firms participate in your Expo?

Certainly, there will be. These are one of the most prominent NEVG exhibition participants. We contact Ukrainian construction and engineering firms on purpose. It also focuses on a vast number of professionals in this field. For example, there is communication with all Ukrainian construction and engineering universities. All of them regularly receive updated information regarding upcoming exhibitions and events.


9. Will Ukrainian architectural firms participate in your exhibitions?

Special consideration is given to Ukrainian architects. Special efforts have been made to compile a database of Ukrainian businesses with ties to architecture. We provide information to everyone.


We anticipate scores of Ukrainian architectural firms at European exhibitions of NEVG. The reconstruction of Ukraine after a war presents architects with fundamentally new opportunities.​

10. How many European and North American companies are anticipated to attend your exhibitions?

We anticipate at least 200 Western firms to attend the inaugural joint exhibition. We offer extremely low prices for stands to both Western and international businesses. The exhibition itself is not intended to generate a profit. NEVG is considerably more enthusiastic about investment initiatives. For us, exhibitions are merely a means of establishing contacts and transitioning from interminable talk to specific projects. It is possible to discuss general topics elsewhere.


11. From which countries are foreign companies expected at your exhibitions?


The geography of countries at these exhibitions is simple and clear. Companies of those states that supported Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression are invited to it. That is, it is:

  • Companies from EU countries and Europe as a whole. For example, Switzerland and some other European countries are not members of the EU. But they can be exceptionally significant partners in the implementation of projects for the restoration of Ukraine.

  • Companies of South Korea and Japan. These states have taken a clear and decisive position of helping Ukraine.

  • USA and Canada. Important countries for which there will be numerous mailings. There is a huge field of joint activity between Ukrainian companies and companies from the US and Canada.


Work continues in 2024. The geography of the exhibition guests will be expanding. We believe that about 80-85% of non-Ukrainian guests will be connected with the EU countries and the USA. There are many reasons for this prediction. We do not describe them in detail.


12. Why do I require my own exhibition stand?

There is a detailed response. There are 12 arguments in favor of having your stand at NEVG exhibitions.

13. Can I bring my own stand to the exhibition?


Certainly. There are no issues whatsoever. In this option, only square meters are purchased at the exhibition. Consider that only one day is allotted for the installation and disassembly of displays, respectively.

Refer to the link for pricing information. 

14. How much will a stand at your exhibition cost me?

We have taken mobile and inexpensive stands as a basis. The focus of NEVG exhibitions is the problem of Ukraine's restoration. Now is not the time to try to humiliate your competitors with the size and pretentiousness of your own stand.

One of the main reasons for our decision in favor of a limited set of mobile and inexpensive stands is to reduce the time for installation and disassembly.

The list of proposed stands can be viewed at the link. The prices will pleasantly surprise you. Be sure to check it out!


15. Do you anticipate business participants of the exhibition who do not have their own stands?


Obviously, this is a viable and highly desirable choice. We anticipate a large number of these international executives to attend.


What is the present issue? There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding investment initiatives in Ukraine. Numerous people frequently discuss them, but there is no clarity. There is no accurate evaluation of the devastation in Ukraine from an investment standpoint. The fact that some industrial enterprise suffered damage does not necessitate its restoration. Certainly not. It may be a Soviet artifact, and its restoration makes no logic. Ukraine's European integration necessitates a strictly defined type of economy.


Evidently, businessmen who attend the exhibition without a stand in order to thoroughly observe and listen are a completely normal occurrence. This viewpoint is reasonable and not unexpected.

16. What are the deadlines for payments?

It is essential to give close attention to the deadlines for payments. The payment terms differ somewhat depending on the type of service being considered. 

  • Example. The production of structures requires time. Individual stands are constructed solely upon prepayment. In terms of time, this circumstance is also quite urgent. 

See link. ​

17. In Ukraine, there are wartime restrictions. Will we meet genuine Ukrainian experts at the exhibition?

There are military restrictions during a war. As a result of the prohibition on male departure from Ukraine, the following measures will be taken. Once the list of Ukrainian participants has been compiled, officials from the country hosting the exhibition will promptly send letters to Ukraine. We believe there will be sufficient appeals at the level of European city and province officials. Every possible attempt will be made. We pay a great deal more attention to this matter.​

18. What is the AMIGO database?

This is a new product from NEVG. In order to intelligently prepare exhibitions, a huge amount of work needs to be done. At an ordinary exhibition there are people who know each other very well. Relations are not always friendly, but there is knowledge of each other. In this case, the situation is different. It is necessary to start working together with companies that previously had practically no contact. Documentation in Ukrainian and in the languages of the peoples of Europe. Numerous issues related to the implementation of investment projects are being resolved. Including due to the AMIGO database.

The AMIGO database was developed by NEVG experts. It allows you to introduce potential partners long before the start of the exhibition. You will come to the exhibition with an understanding of who exactly you need, with whom to meet in the first place.

This database includes only those companies that have purchased stands at the exhibition. This applies to both Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Based on the AMIGO database, it is possible to find partners in construction projects and carrying out a wide variety of work in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.​


If you have any additional inquiries, please contact us. We are extremely responsive and informative. There are ongoing updates. Register if you wish to receive updates, and they will be sent to you as soon as feasible.

Detailed information is accessible via

New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Czech Republic  

Phone: +420 775 628 307 (Vodafone) English, Ukrainian, Russian.

WhatsApp is enrolled with the phone.

We are working in the following directions:

  • holding international exhibitions;

  • marketing for construction projects associated with Ukraine;

  • investment projects associated with the restoration of Ukraine. These are primarily construction investment initiatives for 2023 and 2024.


We have a number of representative offices in Ukraine. They are accessible in numerous Ukrainian regions and major cities. We can recommend the most convenient Ukrainian organization to contact upon written request.


Online meetings with representatives of the Czech Republic office can also be arranged in the event of queries. Use whichever version of the software is most convenient (Zoom, Meet, Team). It is possible to communicate in English.


The most convenient method of communication is via email. Write in whatever language you choose. We provide prompt and informative responses.

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