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4-5 May 2024. Riga, Latvia

The unique characteristics of the exhibitions NEVG

Participants are traditionally foreseeable. We know who occupies each location. We are aware of who and what will occupy the stand. Who will represent the company is known. There are numerous exhibitions that are held annually. This will persist until the onset of war.  After the conflict, all activity ceased. The exhibition's organizers anticipate the return of "the good old days." The issue is that many things have changed since the conflict.


This is an entirely new iteration of the exhibition. It is based on the ongoing war in Ukraine and the widespread destruction it wrought. The war continues, but its conclusion is evident. Russia will suffer defeat and pay restitution. Ukraine will be reconstructed. An entirely new European design for the entire nation. Ukraine is a large nation. Its land area is 603 549 km2. There are significant regional differences and diverse recovery duties.


We have a unique scenario. It cannot help but provoke an active response from the global business and expert communities. The reconstruction of Ukraine is just beginning to be discussed by experts. Because of this, the composition of the participants in these exhibitions will not be traditional. We eagerly anticipate the opening of these exhibitions! Very fascinating!


Exhibitors participating in the collaborative exhibitions:


1. Construction companies

2. Companies for the production of building materials

3. Companies for the production and sale of construction equipment

4. Architectural companies

5. Engineering companies

6. Banking sector

7. Construction universities

8. Engineering universities

9. Geoinformatics and geodesy companies

10. Marketing companies

11. Environmental companies

12. Public organizations


On the basis of this structure, creating a truly European state in Ukraine is a challenging task.


Each exhibit participant can play a unique and crucial role in this historical process.

Advantages of NEVG

  1. There are always a considerable number of Ukrainian enterprises represented in Europe at our exhibitions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Western companies to communicate with Ukrainian businesspeople. It is critical that there is a communication topic. The effective use of reparation funds for Ukraine's reconstruction will be done through cooperative international projects.

  2. This is an opportunity for Ukrainian firms to present their organization at a European international exhibition. Due to cost constraints, this is rarely done. Participation in exhibits of this caliber is typically prohibitively expensive for the Ukrainian side. In this case, one-of-a-kind conditions are generated. There is the possibility of communicating with the Western side.

  3. NEVG commits to maintaining special rates just for Ukrainian businesses. Prices will vary slightly depending on the nation of conduct. The high cost of living in the nation in Europe determines this. However, the cost for a Ukrainian business in particular will always be reasonable.  several times less than for businesses in other nations. The war has destroyed Ukraine, and NEVG is making every effort to conduct business there

  4. Extremely "hot" subject. It's not just "hot"; it's also complicated. You are unable to simply come up to subject. It is essential to meet and particularly discuss something and someone with regard to the restoration of Ukraine. This "someone" has to be a foreigner. The subject has to do with Ukraine. Exciting financial sums. You have to approach them very carefully.

  5. The emphasis on networking is the proper response to the primary question at exhibitions. This is the current primary concept. The direct sale of products and services is not the topic. The current focus is on establishing connections between businesses that have never collaborated.

  6. Not the usual setting of the subject. This is interesting and correct. There has been a categorical shift from the general and vague formulation of the topic of construction exhibitions. This is not another 15-to-30-numbered construction exhibition. The theme was initially developed specifically for professional communication. High-rise buildings of Ukraine, rural settlements and so on.

  7. The emphasis is on B2B. This is uncommon during this time. Experts may separate from general political discussions and recall their expertise in relation to the restoration of Ukraine.

  8. NEVG provides an effective support service. Currently, a database of companies interested in collaborative initiatives is being compiled. There is information and marketing support created specifically for the case of initiatives involving reparation funds. This is a very unique circumstance that requires new strategies.

  9. Regularly, these exhibitions will be conducted. Given the dynamic nature of the situation, it makes sense to organize these exhibitions twice a year. This will enable participants to quickly exchange viewpoints. Seek out new partners and form new investment partnerships.

  10. There are exhibitions held in Europe. Participating countries could vary. It is enjoyable and practical. Europe is an easily navigable and swiftly moving continent. Depending on the country in which the exhibition is held, however, it will be dominated by regional businesses. For this reason, it is proposed to hold exhibitions in a number of active nations, including the Federal Republic of Germany, France, and the Netherlands, among others. It is possible to establish new commercial partnerships.

  11. Since 1991, a pervasive culture of corruption has developed in Ukraine. A number of Ukrainian surnames have become global synonyms for large-scale corruption. Active during the war was the Monaco Battalion. From our perspective, this is an undesirable occurrence. The Ukraine's European integration will progressively destroy it. The European system of monitoring income and use of public funds is imperfect, but it does permit the detection of theft. The punishment is immediate. Serious deadlines are present. People do not live so long. The criminal will perish in detention. The exhibitions of the NEVG represent a genuinely European culture of business communication. This could be very attractive to a number of Ukrainian businesses. Clearly, not everyone will enjoy this. NEVG exhibitions provide a venue for civilized commerce.

  12. Dynamic circumstances demand a dynamic strategy. Regular NEVG exhibitions enable Ukrainian and international businesses to establish consortiums that are truly suited to their time and place. New requirements for restoration initiatives. There are distinct regions in Ukraine, each of which requires its own consortium. Real-time tracking of requirements is feasible.  Participate in the process of establishing Ukraine as a European state, as opposed to a Soviet remnant. Investing ventures in Ukraine take on an entirely new dimension.

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