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New Euro Vision Group

The New Euro Vision Group has operations in Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and the European Union. The newly founded New Euro Vision: Exhibitions, Marketing, Research S.R.O. (Czech Republic) is one of the initial members of the Group.

Infrastructure development for trade between the European Union, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan is our core area of expertise.


The EU, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan all have very distinct situations.


  • A prosperous region is the European Union. However, the EU faces numerous brand-new difficulties. Fighting for the maintenance and expansion of wellbeing in the EU is essential. Russia's hidden threats have now come to light. The EU is dealing with brand-new, enormous issues. Consider the EU's accelerated accession of Ukraine. This procedure is far from being clear-cut. We are dealing with a state that is at war, one that has occupied regions, a collapsed economy, and millions of refugees worldwide.

  • Ukraine is currently one of the world's worst-off areas. Russian assault from 2014 to 2023 threatened to completely destroy the state. What is taking place has a significant resemblance to the Second World War. Putin's wars will result in reparation. There is no question about that, but finding and acquiring them is not a simple task. The task of restoring Ukraine is far more difficult and lengthy out.

  • Currently quite rich, Kazakhstan has chosen the route of drastic change. According to the Ukrainian scenario, the "fraternal ties" between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation could lead to a new war. The border between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation is fairly extensive. The Russian Federation moves into a condition where it will be split. This is an extension of a process that began in 1991. Such a scenario of the Russian Federation's "development" ensures Kazakhstan decades of unusually problematic neighborly relations that could result in lengthy regional wars or even a major war.


We are able to speak several different languages. Due of the global and multicultural nature of the problems that need to be tackled, this is necessary. All of the projects executed by New Euro Vision Group have been done so with the highest competence. All of our work is conducted to a high standard.


Managing director,

PhD, professor

Dmitry Nikolaienko

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