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Advantages of NEW

  1. The organization works in the EU. In essence, it is European. Through the views of businesses from the EU and the US, we examine the post-USSR. We are sure that Ukraine won't continue to be in its current situation after receiving so much assistance from the West. It will transform into a state and society of Europe. When? We're going to see.

  2. Official data from Ukraine have never been reliable. Due to the war, it provides such a poor reflection of reality that it is impossible to accurately assess the state of Ukraine's territory at this time. We employ a sizable number of different types of data. Territories are characterized quite effectively using a variety of techniques.

  3. We carry out fieldwork in Ukraine. The Group has numerous contacts in Ukraine, including businesses and experts. We are prepared to visit any location of interest and provide an exceptionally precise place description of it. These tasks are completed in complete coordination with the Ukrainian authorities and in accordance with a plan that has been agreed upon by all parties.

  4. Customized professional territory evaluation. The situation with regard to settlements and regions is described entirely scientifically. The potential for investment in them are evaluated. Such assignments are handled by small experts teams. We use an original method for carrying out this task.

  5. The study of the dynamics of territory and settlements receives a lot of interest. Customers will get accurate data that intelligently describes the specifics of the territory's current status. This is crucial in order to consider the "military factor" connected to the Russian Federation and Belarus. This factor now impacts the geography of investment in Ukraine.

  6. The work's rapid pace! We are aware of the specifics of the era. Time is a dynamic element. We complete all tasks as promptly as we can. The Group members (businesses and experts operating in the EU, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan) cooperate in an organized way to accomplish this. The quality of works is not compromised by how quickly they are completed.

  7. We can speak English with confidence since we are fluent in many Slavic languages and are able to acquire any information about the post-USSR in its original language. Great professionals proofread each report. They speak English as their mother tongue. These people are highly educated. 


We're working to

  • Professional;

  • Fast;

  • Extraordinarily responsible.

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