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4-5 May 2024. Riga, Latvia

Online participation in the international exhibition

War in Ukraine and the online participation

of some Ukrainian enterprises in an exhibition

It is necessary to comprehend the particulars of the Ukrainian companies' position. War. Some Ukrainian businesses will have an online presence. Due to martial law, it is impossible to reach the location of the exhibition.

Some Ukrainian participants' online participation enables a significant increase in the number of active participants. This is extremely good news. Expanding engagement opportunities with Ukrainian construction and engineering firms.

If some Ukrainian companies are unable to travel to the EU but are interested in attending an exhibition in Riga, the issue can be resolved. Online participation in the exhibition is a viable alternative. It ensures complete information access and active communication with all international exhibitors.


Exhibit features foreign participants

and online participation by a number of Ukrainian companies.

We inform all international exhibitors of the online participation of certain Ukrainian companies in the exhibition. A significant number of Ukrainian companies will arrive. However, some businesses will be unable to do so. This mode of communication has been introduced for their benefit.


It is essential that all international exhibitors consider the following:

  • Prepare your business information for online communication as well. Some of the business information that is typically provided in hard copy should be available for immediate sending following online communication.

  • Communication may occur via telephone, mobile, or laptop computer. Everything is routine.


Internet with increased capacity

at the International Exhibition Center in Riga

The concept of online participation by a certain number of Ukrainian business representatives in the exhibition has its own technical foundation. At the International Exhibition Center in Riga, exhibition spaces can be outfitted with high-speed Internet. It is assigned to distinct IP addresses. Please comply. This facilitates video communication and the exchange of documents. There should to be no connection issues.


The cost of accelerated Internet to an IP address is minimal. However, it will enable you to communicate with active Ukrainian businesses and take the first step toward locating trustworthy associates in Ukraine.


Algorithm for online communication

with Ukrainian businesses at the exhibition

(18-19 November 2023, Riga, Latvia)

  1. A Ukrainian corporation registers on the exhibition's official website. Complete a comprehensive form. It will provide a precise representation of the company's interests.

  2. The Ukrainian company pays the registration fee.

  3. The company then obtains a comprehensive package of information on all non-Ukrainian exhibitors. The specializations and areas of interest of companies on the Ukrainian market are indicated. Ukrainian businesspeople will have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the interests of each foreign exhibitor. Contact details are given and persons for on-line communication are indicated. Online exhibitors have access to the same information as those in Riga.

  4. Ukrainian entrepreneurs select foreign companies in which they have an interest. Additionally, the foreign company will have an in-depth understanding of their online communication partners. Detailed information is supplied about Ukrainian businesses that will be featured online.

  5. The discussion occurs at the agreed upon time between the corporations. We expect this to be completed during the exhibition. There may be contacts prior to the exhibition, but it should be noted that a great deal of new and intriguing business information will be prepared by then.


The ultimate outcome of communication at the exhibition is the signing of a contract and the beginning of restoration initiatives in Ukraine. Always, there will be international contacts. They will always be controlled by the major commercial institutions of the West. Everything will adhere to their standards and regulations. Look for Ukrainian partners. This should also be completed at the Riga exhibition.


From our perspective, the variant of the combined holding of international trade and industrial exhibitions, in which a) there is an actual exhibition in a certain European city and b) a large number of online participants are actively involved, is an innovative and helpful phenomenon. Ukraine and projects on the country are difficult to resolve in any other way.



  • Registration for exhibitors will begin in August 2023. Numerous businesses are anticipated to participate. All received discounted stand prices. It is not possible to rapidly become familiar with such a vast quantity of information. Register as soon as feasible and familiarize yourself with the information as it becomes available.

  • During the exhibition, it is recommended that no more than 30 minutes be spent communicating online at any given time. Such communication could be postponed to after the exhibition.

  • It is recommended that Ukrainian businesses translate all information into English. The translated business information will be available for distribution to foreign companies.

  • The language of communication will be English. Businessmen from Ukraine may also employ translators. This must be considered a sort of Ukrainian standard.

  • We advise everyone to use Zoom or Meet. There are a large number of video communication programs, but it is best to use the ones that are already installed on your phone and computer.

  • There is no restriction on the number of Ukrainian exhibitors with whom you can communicate via Zoom or Meet. It is dependent entirely on your communication strategy.

  • We recommend that at least two company representatives be present at the exhibition. One communicates directly with consumers at the exhibition. The second engages in online communication with Ukrainian entrepreneurs.



If you need a partner for investment initiatives in Ukraine, New Euro Vision Group companies can provide one. This ensures a reasonable balance between a) comprehending Ukraine's specifics and b) strict adherence to EU and US business standards. It is your decision to operate a business on your own.

We wish you luck!


Contact and questions

If you have any questions, please contact.

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If there is no answer to your question, then

  • Email:

  • Phone: +420 775 628 307 This is Vodafone. There is Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber.

  • You can recommend online communication with the office in the Czech Republic. Better Zoom or Meet. Communication only after 14.00 CET.


Good luck!


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