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The System of Rural Settlement in the Russian Empire - USSR - Post-USSR: Force Majeure Events and the Death of Rural Settlements

Time of the event:

  • October 18, 2023.



  • New Euro Vision: exhibitions, marketing, research S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic.

  • Research Center for Industrial Problems of Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kharkov, Ukraine.


•    in English;
•    20 minutes.

The conflict in Ukraine from 2014 until 2023 proved disastrous for many rural communities. It is essential for their recovery to look into the long-term tendencies that are particular to the rural settlement system. There is a terrible history to the effects of force majeure occurrences, especially on rural settlement. This must be considered when making investments in Ukraine's newest rural regions.

It will take time for the rural settlement system to be destroyed. The past of Crimea would serve as an illustration. A notable rural settlement structure existed throughout the Crimean Khanate. They (General Minich and other sadists of the day) started to systematically destroy it from the outset of the Russian army's punitive campaigns. A number of waves of departure of Crimean Tatars, Greeks, Armenians, and a number of other ethnic groups who had lived in Crimea for centuries were formed after the fall of the Crimean Khanate itself. After that, a large number of Germans moved to the Crimea. The deportation of 1944, which was not the first in the peninsula's history, served as a judgement for the rural settlement system on the Kerch Peninsula.


The Soviet system of rural settlement on the steppes of Crimea was eventually put an end to with the destruction of the Novo-Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station's dam. This is an illustration of a lengthy procedure. The narrative goes on.

In relation to the restoration of Ukraine, a thorough examination of the subject is crucial. Which way should the rural settlement system of Ukrainian regions develop?

The contact person:

PhD, Professor Dmitry Nikolaenko.

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