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Восход солнце над пшеничным полем


The ongoing recovery of the Ukrainian economy is something that NEW EURO VISION GROUP pays particular attention to. There is currently no duty more crucial than this.

Work for
a foreign corporation
in Ukraine

It's not simple to work in Ukraine for a foreign corporation. There are several differences between this sociocultural environment and that of Western countries. The following should be considered at a minimum:


  • Significant variations by region in Ukraine. They always have been. Ukraine's borders have frequently changed. They developed into what they are now following the Second World War. Differences between regions within the state were only increased by the war of 2014–2023. The situation won't somehow stabilize for several years.

  • The war between 2014 and 2023 caused severe destruction. They appear very unevenly across the entire country of Ukraine. There are places where the war had no impact. There are villages and small towns that have been entirely destroyed. Their population is falling.

  • The economy of Ukraine has been incorporated into an enormous state governed by Russia. The Ukrainian economy received a lot from the USSR after 1991. Much of this was lost due to a prolonged crisis and conflict. Many things are in poor condition. At this point, Ukraine's economy should be merged into the European one. There are new specializations, totally distinct corporate norms, and much more. It will take decades to resolve this issue.

  • As a result of the war, Ukraine has a labor resource shortage. In Europe, there are many Ukrainians. And who will go back where? Will they come back then? The most pressing issues with labor resources are regional in nature. The situation is highly ambiguous. Investment project implementation faces challenges as a result.


There are numerous other issues that are uncommon for Europe. Although challenging, the mission of integrating Ukraine into Europe is crucial and fascinating. An exceptional historical example of the state's sociocultural transition is provided. Additionally, this presents several new obstacles for corporations.


A fascinating period.

Interesting tasks.

Why not actively contribute to finding a solution?

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