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Different people have different ideas about what should be restored and how to do it in post-war Ukraine. There is a huge diversity of viewpoints.

The "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine is a topic of much discussion. There isn't now, as far as we are aware, a single coherent and compelling strategic strategy that isn't just declaratory. Such plans will undoubtedly be created and carried out. Professional groups and professionals got to work. There is money. Russia will be paying the price.


Such a strategy needs to be highly innovative and professional. Tens of millions of people live in a region that is more than 600,000 square kilometers in size. We think that the people will carry out the plan."The Party's plans are also the People's plans". Throughout Ukraine, millions of individuals are familiar with the scheme.

The main principles of such a strategy are pretty clear:

  1. The issue with Ukraine's rehabilitation is that there are many issues related to the legacy of the Soviet Union. In actuality, this also indicates "fraternal" relations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It is obvious that the continuation of this "fraternal" union cannot be disputed. The state border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation is closed. The improvement or restoration of ties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will not receive a single penny in funding.

  2. Ukraine's settlement structure needs to be drastically altered. Such abrupt shifts do occur occasionally. Despite how uncommon they are, they do exist. Let's imagine that Kharkov, which has a million residents and is 40 kilometers from the Russian border, has a major decline in its population. The Ukrainian settlement system will include a number of innovative developments.

  3. Ukraine's economic geography will change. Technoparks will (presumably) serve as the foundation for the future industrial geography of Ukraine. They make advantage of abandoned and old technoparks. Make new ones. This is a practical measure. It complies with contemporary standards for the siting of manufacturing plants. Technoparks and new settlements (investments in housing construction) will be closely related.

  4. The western and central regions of Ukraine will receive the majority of attention. This is a result of ongoing local confrontations in Crimea and the Donbass. A large portion of their population will be lost. Resources for labor become a very crucial factor. Donbass is known for its extensive devastation. It will be costly and less important to just clean the Donbass areas. There will be plenty of new locations for adventurous tourism enthusiasts.

  5. The military sector needs to start taking on a significant role. Putin can be expelled fairly swiftly in historical terms. It is unlikely to be possible to fast eradicate Putinism (historically). Something about Russians seems to quickly become soaked with hostility against Ukraine. It is logical to consider the "Marshall Plan". Weapons manufactured or assembled in Ukraine cost substantially less than those made in Germany. Everyone requires a lot of weapons because they are consumables.

  6. Of course, agriculture in Ukraine will be significantly more important. Climate change is one of the causes. They have a less significant impact on Ukrainian territory. The outlook for Ukraine's territory in terms of climate change is relatively favorable. Food safety is crucial.

  7. The Ukrainian energy sector is likely to undergo significant changes. Ukraine's current, totally destroyed electricity grid is a holdover from the USSR. Even before the war, this system had a lot of issues. It is now possible to search for new approaches that are both ecologically safe and more effective.


The experts at NEW EURO VISION GROUP are attentively observing the development of a new standard for the Ukrainian economy and societal structure. Naturally, we are not dealing with issues that are on such a high political and social level. But for successful action in investment policy and strategic marketing, it is crucial to comprehend what is happening.

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