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Search for partners

Search and verification of a partner for construction projects related to reparation payments to Ukraine

There is undoubtedly an anti-corruption process established for financing construction projects in Ukraine. Putin is not the only one who rejects the West. His enemy is corruption. There will be no tolerance for corruption in Ukraine.

Reparations for Ukraine are moving in the right direction. There is reason to assume that an efficient framework for employing reparation money for construction projects in Ukraine will exist by the start of the fall of 2023.

The volume of work that must be done is immense. New connections between Ukrainian and Western businesses are also necessary for this. It is feasible to reach a political consensus on collaborative cooperation. However, businessmen themselves will need to find collaborators.

Everyone must realize how challenging the situation is for both Western and Ukrainian businessmen. Numerous them have never spoken to one another before. However, the staggering scale of the jobs and the enormous reparation amounts force everyone—both Ukrainian and Western experts—to hunt for a contact. In actuality, this is not a very simple task. Between them, there lies a semantic gap. They hold distinct views. Their behavior varies. Significant differences.

Ukraine's integration with Europe is accomplished through commerce. This process extends beyond politics and culture. A lot of things are related to business activities. In terms of European integration, the utilization of compensation funds for the rebuilding of Ukraine is crucial. The Ukrainian economy is naturally integrating with the European one.

Finding partners for construction projects in Ukraine needs to take place swiftly. Money frequently vanishes. This property exhibits as impressively as anywhere else in several nations of the world. The good news is that restoration projects will be under the control of the biggest commercial banks.

The financing of Ukraine's rehabilitation projects includes a comprehensive anti-corruption structure. Putin is not the only one who hates the West. His opponent is corruption. There will be no tolerance for corruption in Ukraine. The biggest commercial banks in the world will be used for financing. Projects will be subject to extremely tight restrictions. A Ukrainian company can significantly benefit from a favorable bank decision if it has an American and European partner. Non-formal presence is also possible. This is not a fake offshore corporation that Ukrainian businessmen can create in a matter of hours in Cyprus.


This system, which has been developed to an odd perfection, is only related to the theft of Ukrainian government money. The decision to approve the investment project for the use of reparation money is made by the bank, which is accountable. These will be the bank's direct losses. Experienced bankers from the biggest commercial banks in the world are not likely to support Ukrainian offshore firms with loyalty. Everyone should search for genuine companions.


Finding a business partner is a task of utmost importance for post-war Ukraine due to numerous other issues. Such a service is what we offer. You need to fill out a form in order to swiftly find a partner for construction projects in Ukraine. The form must be filled out in English.


The time it takes to identify a partner might range from 7 to 10 working days, depending on the details of the request. There are lots of intricacies in this. The job is done in close collaboration with the client.

Participating in the New Euro Vision Group's exhibits might be quite beneficial for resolving this difficult and urgent problem. To attend these exhibitions, one must be prepared for business communication.

Contact us if you have any questions. 

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