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Investment geography of Ukraine

The issues associated with a major transformation of the Ukrainian economy and settlement pattern in line with Western sociocultural norms are resolved by the new investment geography of Ukraine. Ukraine is evolving into an independent country in Europe. It is quickly leaving its Soviet past and starting to evolve in line with modern requirements.

After "Soviet Communism" fell, similar processes occurred in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and a few other countries. The impact of Ukraine's Soviet past is significantly more than it is in other countries, which is the difference.


These tasks are completed as a part of Ukraine's investment geography:

  • The district's and/or locality's investment profile, including an update.

  • Choosing locations in Ukraine for businesses to be established. In addition to providing general information on Ukrainian towns and areas in terms of their investment-attractiveness or lack thereof. Experts from NEW EURO VISION GROUP address a variety of concerns with regard to the location selection for new businesses. We are able to deal with these issues at a very high level because to our in-depth understanding of the geography of Ukraine and the particulars of its regions and settlements.

  • plus a lot more.

Digital cartography and Ukraine's investment geography.


Digital cartography and investment geography are closely related fields. All geographic parameters and resources for investment projects are provided based on the most recent GIS versions. Our standard is to employ digital cartography.

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