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Investment risks of Ukraine from the point of view of Western companies

Experts from NEW EURO VISION GROUP examine Ukraine via the perspective of Western businesspeople. This is critically important.

Businessmen from Europe and the USA want to understand the dangers associated with investing in Ukraine. Ukraine gained enormous global popularity as a result of the war. Our top aim is to evaluate investment ideas realistically over the long term.

The typical investment hazards exist in the post-Soviet region. They have historically been connected to corruption among officials. In Ukraine, corruption has a long and colorful past. The use of money obtained through reparations and intended for Ukraine's reconstruction will be strictly regulated by Western organizations within the context of a post-war Ukraine.


Ukraine's rebuilding is a unique project. One can only hope that for it, appropriate rules that are familiar to Western businesses would be adopted.

We are not discussing standard investing risks when it comes to post-war Ukraine. We're talking about how drastically this state has changed.

The NEW EURO VISION GROUP has created its own approach for evaluating the risks of investing in Ukraine. It is founded on a thorough examination of Ukraine's investment geography. It makes it possible to accurately estimate the risks associated with various Western ventures in Ukraine.

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