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by regions
and cities
of Ukraine

Experts from NEW EURO VISION GROUP keep an eye on all of Ukraine's regions and a select number of its cities. The job is done to complete the investment geography tasks. Since the situation is flexible, it must be carefully watched.

The customer can quickly receive a thorough evaluation of Ukraine's land and settlements in terms of their suitability for a certain investment project.


Ukraine's regions and cities use a variety of techniques for monitoring. In particular, the analysis of aerial pictures and social media is used to compile the most recent information. These approaches may not be widely known, but they are crucial for Ukraine, which has been the victim of Russian assault.

The research provides incredibly accurate information about what, in a given period of time, comprises a territory or a settlement. The development prospects for the future are evaluated.

After the battle is over, this working method will continue to be applicable. Now is not the time to discuss accurate government figures in Ukraine. There were constantly large gaps in it. The issue with regard to the stats' reliability grew worse throughout the battle.

  • The characterization of Ukrainian settlements and territory has a new standard form. The most important and accurate information about the situation in the territory can be discovered there.

  • All necessary alterations to the basic form can be made depending on the particulars of the order. Additionally, the most promising investment sectors in Ukraine are being watched.


In such projects, local specialists are always involved. They might know something very crucial. The most significant objects are also the subject of field investigations. Such work is almost always carried out by a skilled team. Economists, geographers, specialists in social network analysis, aerial photo analysts, and a few other professionals complete the work. A fair evaluation of the territory's development potential will be produced after taking into account all the peculiarities of its existing situation.


Of course, the post-war Ukrainian market is evaluated in terms of desirable goods and services.

This kind of job typically takes 10 to 15 working days.

The report is delivered in the customer's chosen language. These reports are often written in English. Each and every report will be proofread.

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